This application is for restaurants interested in being a part of the BuchaWild Cafe.


Restaurants are not allowed to have open flame. Chafing dishes are permitted. You are responsible for dressing in the appropriate clothing for food service and must comply with all food safety standards set by local, state, or national food service standards. You are responsible for obtaining and remitting payment for all permits/insurance needed to operate and shall display your health department license/approval and business license at all times.

Before applying, please visit our FAQs.

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BuchaWild Exhibitor Agreement
THIS AGREEMENT, is between BuchaWild and the Exhibitor named at the end of this agreement (“Exhibitor”). This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions governing your participation in BuchaWild Kombucha and Wellness Expo (“Event”). By participating at BuchaWild, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the terms set out below. Exhibitor and its employees, personnel, and agents agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and all Event rules, regulations, and directives.
1. Term: This Agreement commences upon your completion of the Application to be a Exhibitor at BuchaWild and shall continue in effect through your participation in BuchaWild unless otherwise terminated in accordance with the terms contained herein.
2. Liability: BuchaWild will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred by Exhibitor, including, without limitation, damage to Exhibitor’s property, loss of sales, or injury to or death of Exhibitor (or its agents, employees, and/or personnel). Exhibitor expressly assumes all risks of loss, damage, liability, injury, or destruction resulting from any cause whatsoever, including but not limited to acts or omissions by Exhibitor, and hereby releases and waives any claims against BuchaWild related to such loss, damage, liability, injury, and/or destruction. Exhibitor represents that it has, or will have at the time of the Event, appropriate insurance to cover liability for the types of activities the Exhibitor will conduct at the Event.
3. Application and Payment: All Exhibitor fee payments and applications must be submitted online. Please be advised that exhibitor fees must be submitted upfront along with your application. If you are not accepted into BuchaWild, you will be refunded the exhibitor fee. Applications will not be considered until payment is received. Space is limited and BuchaWild reserves the right to accept or reject any Exhibitor in its sole discretion. When, and if, Exhibitor’s application is accepted, Exhibitor will be notified via email. If you are a restaurant or business applying to be a part of the BuchaWild Café, you agree to pay BuchaWild 15% of gross sales for the weekend with a $200 minimum.
4. Services: BuchaWild reserves the right to designate Exhibitor booth assignments as it sees fit, does not guarantee specific booth assignments and cannot guarantee designated booth assignment will be free from structural or architectural obstructions. You are responsible for bringing fixtures and decoration to define your space. The Exhibitor list, map, and booth assignments are subject to change without notice.
5. Cancellations: If there is a cancellation:
(a) By BuchaWild: If a cancellation of BuchaWild is necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, acts of a third party, or other circumstances which (in BuchaWild’s sole judgment) may compromise the safety of BuchaWild participants, then BuchaWild will not be rescheduled and there will be no refunds to Exhibitor.
(b) By Exhibitor: If Exhibitor cancels its participation at least two months prior to the Event, then BuchaWild will offer a full refund. If the Exhibitor cancels its participation one month prior to the Event, then BuchaWild will offer a 50% refund. If the Exhibitor cancels its participation in the Event within two weeks of to the Event, BuchaWild cannot offer a refund, due to the administrative work and planning completed. Once the Exhibitor cancels, it forfeits its participation in BuchaWild. Exhibitors are not permitted to sell or trade their booth.
6. Change in Terms: The terms of this Agreement may be changed by BuchaWild. Notice of such change(s) will be sent to you in writing. By signing this agreement, you agree to accept notices via email.
7. Termination:
(a) Termination for Convenience: This Agreement may be terminated by BuchaWild at any time, with or without cause, immediately upon notice to the Exhibitor.
(b) Termination for Default: Either party may terminate this Agreement immediately upon notice to the other party in the event of a breach or default by the other party of any term, condition, or covenant of this Agreement.
8. Code of Conduct: You agree to read and abide by all directives, regulations, and Event rules provided to you. BuchaWild reserves the right to decline, prohibit, or expel any Exhibitor, or prevent any activity, displays, product, or conduct, which (in BuchaWild’s sole judgment) is out of keeping with the character of the Event or endangers the venue, any attendee, or other Exhibitors. Exhibitor agrees to strictly observe all Federal, State and City laws. Exhibitor will act with the highest regard for the safety of the attendees and other Exhibitors of the Event.
9. Exhibitor Occupancy: All Exhibitors must be open for business during expo hours. Exhibitors may not vacate their booth or dismantle displays until official event closing. Any Exhibitor vacating or dismantling their space early agrees to pay BuchaWild a $400 fine within (5) five business days of the close of Event. All Exhibitors agree to properly clean space prior to vacating assigned space. Failing to properly clean space upon vacating will result in a $400 fine due to BuchaWild within (5) five business days of the close of Event.
10. Promotional Materials: By participating in BuchaWild, Exhibitor grants BuchaWild permission to use name/logo in any promotional materials and include Exhibitor name, likeness, and contact information in any directory listing the participating BuchaWild Exhibitors. Participation in BuchaWild constitutes an agreement by Exhibitor for BuchaWild to use and distribute, both now and in the future, Exhibitor's image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions, or audio tapes.
11. Product Limitations: BuchaWild promotes kombucha, wellness, non-toxic and conscious living. Ingredients of products promoted, sampled, or sold at BuchaWild are of the upmost concern. Upon applying to participate in BuchaWild, Exhibitor agrees to submit full ingredient listing and make-up of all products to be included at BuchaWild, if requested. Approval is at the sole discretion of BuchaWild.
12. Active Sampling/Tasting: All Exhibitors, where applicable, agree to participate in active unlimited sampling/tasting. Active sampling/tasting is defined as the availability of product samples to expo attendees during all event hours. Exhibitor is required to sample, at minimum, two differentiated products. Exhibitors are encouraged to sample more than two products to increase brand and product impression. If Exhibitor does not sell a product that can be sampled, Exhibitor agrees to provide appropriate information, example products, and/or demonstrations.
13. Attendees: BuchaWild does not guarantee any level of attendance and there will be no refunds, under any circumstances, after the Event is over.
14. Taxes, Licenses, Permits: Exhibitor will adhere to all laws, policies, rules, and regulations applicable to the goods and/or activities of Exhibitor, including obtaining all licenses, permits, and approvals that may be required to enable the Exhibitor to conduct its activities at the Event and fulfill its obligations under this Agreement. Food Exhibitors Health Department permit fees are included in the cost to participate. BuchaWild will work with Exhibitor to complete and submit all required paperwork.
15. Amendments and Revisions: No amendment or revision to this Agreement shall be effective unless agreed to in writing by BuchaWild.
16. Non-Exclusivity: This Agreement is non-exclusive and BuchaWild reserves the right to contract with other Exhibitors for the Event.
17. Applicable Law: The validity, interpretation, construction, and enforcement of this Agreement will be governed and controlled by the laws of the State of California, without regard to its choice of law principles. Any dispute arising out of or related to this Agreement must be brought in federal or state court in Los Angeles County and the parties hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and the venue of such forum. The prevailing party in any such action shall be entitled to receive from the other its costs and expenses, including attorney fees, in addition to any other relief it may be entitled to. If any term herein is determined to be unlawful or unenforceable then that term will be severed, and the remainder of the Agreement will remain in force.
By submitting this application to BuchaWild, I agree to all terms and conditions outlined above. *